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Hypergate Master Intensive Training Buy Bundle (10 videos) Hypergate Master Intensive Training

This exclusive program offers an experience you won't find anywhere else in the world, crafted from the extensive research and innovative insights of The Leo King. Building upon the profound legacies of legendary astrologers John Dee and Nostradamus, explored in depth in previous Hypergate courses, this latest training promises to elevate your astrological understanding to celestial heights.

You’ve witnessed what emerges from this Hypergate in the lead-up to 2020 -- when The Leo King tapped into all forms of astrology, channeling, cards of destiny, and human design in making his predictions that offered us an accurate glimpse into the future we’re experiencing today.

For years you’ve watched The Leo King as his heart and mind have led him on a fearless, otherworldly quest to adapt the secrets of ancient astrological wisdom for understanding our time.

The Leo King’s Astrological Wisdom has developed over the last decade of one-on-one readings, over 15,000 video horoscopes, and countless television shows, podcasts, and publications. It is fueled by an eclectic amalgam of esoteric astrological tools, divine guidance, advanced historical understanding, and an underlying belief that only the truth will serve our world.

You know The Leo King calls things as he sees them, regardless of popular opinion. As a channel whose courage drives his predictions, The Leo King accesses cosmic wisdom in a space beyond our ordinary thinking.

What You Will Gain from This Hypergate Training:

  • Direct Access to The Leo King: Learn directly from the master astrologer whose fearless insights have redefined the field.

  • Deprogramming the Conditioned Soul: Remove blocks that prevent authentic astrological channeling.

  • Astrology without Charts: Master the art of performing astrology in your mind's spiritual hypergate.

  • Lightning-Fast Astrological Insights: Connect past lives, the present, and future lives to understand divine paths.

  • Psychic and Channeling Workshops: Challenge your abilities with tasks designed to enhance your celestial perceptions.

  • Integrated Astrological Systems: Merge Human Design, Vedic Dashas, Helio Astrology, and more into a powerful practice.

  • Historical and Esoteric Wisdom: Access ancient knowledge tied to hermeticism and alchemy for groundbreaking predictions.

  • Divine Discernment: Learn to navigate spiritual realms, discerning good from evil and accessing divine guidance.

  • Advanced Chart Reading Techniques: Participate in live Q&A sessions to refine your skills and understanding.

  • Prophesy and Hypergate: Incorporate these advanced techniques into your astrological toolkit.

  • AI in Astrology: The Leo King will teach you how to use AI to enhance your astrological practice.

Training Program Details:

  • 10 Calls Over 3 Months: Engage in 10 intensive training calls on highvibe.tv, 3 calls per month, each lasting 2 hours.

  • Private Community: Join an exclusive community on highvibe.tv, connecting with other participants for support and collaboration.

  • Final Exam: Complete a final exam after the 10 calls to certify your skills and knowledge.

  • Catch Up on Previous Hypergate Courses: Make sure to catch up on Hypergate 1-3 to be fully prepared.

  • You will be with other students, there is availability to be on camera with The Leo King. 

Enrollment Details:

  • Training Start Date: Early August 2024

  • Enrollment Deadline: July 23, 2024

  • Price: $2,000

Total (including taxes)
USD $2,000.00