About High Vibe TV

High Vibe TV is a spiritual lifestyle media network based in Southern California, developed by 12th House Media Inc. founder David Palmer, “The Leo King,” in 2017.  Providing exclusive content, High Vibe TV is a platform available in all App stores streaming across any device.

High Vibe TV was created to provide something uncommon and transformative within this cluster of stars,  Provocative and exclusive daily, weekly and monthly content equips people with the tools to activate their authentic truth. Inspiring spiritual leaders encourage open-minded engagement with positive spiritual, physical and metaphysical practices and beliefs. Programming explores deep truths through astrology, tarot, sound meditation, art and history. All is infused with a relevant focus on what’s happening now. 

High Vibe TV facilitates direct connection between subscribers and creators via live weekly shows and encouraging engagement through the use of chat, email, social media and discussion.

Meet the Team

David Lawrence Palmer, Founder

David Palmer, aka, "The Leo King" owns and operates multiple OTT media corporations that produce, and distribute content via mobile apps. social media, and streaming platforms.  The Leo King is a world famous celebrity astrologer, Electronic DJ, Professional IJSBA PWC Racer, and is also known for his speaking events, conferences and documentaries. 

​David currently is the CEO of, The Leo King, Inc., 12th House Media, Inc. and is the Founder of Future Life TV and High Vibe TV, Elektronik Generation and the genius behind Spiritual Dance Music.

​The Leo King is about setting trends and disrupting OTT Media markets by creating content that is exciting and somewhat controversial.

Craig Skidmore, Chief Operations Manager

Craig Skidmore is the Chief Operations Manager.  He has a long background in working in design, the fashion industry, and launching major brands worldwide.  His technical experience, combined with knowing how to make operations run smoothly, make him essential and special to the High Vibe TV Team. Without Craig the ship would not sail, and his management duties are executed in a way that make people feel comfortable.

​Craig is from Southern California and enjoys his background in the surf industries, fashion industries, and major start up companies.  He has expertise in running companies from start to finish: taking businesses from the beginning and turning them into successful operations.


12th House Media, Inc

High Vibe TV HQ

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Tel: 888-536-5464